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Your Comfort Zone Will Kill You!

It’s that time. That time when the gym is usually inundated with health and fitness newbies. A time when calendars, journals and planners are being ripped off of the store shelves. That time when friends and family members get together to amp each other up about their plans and what they look to accomplish. New Year new you right?

When it comes to setting and achieving goals, most of the time the path to achievement looks something like a rollercoaster. There is no straight and forward moving trajectory. It is full of many ups, downs, and loops. Not to mention the people that show up to support that are actually there to witness your ride for their own entertainment.  Because of these two factors, many people either never leave or end up returning to their comfort zones.

You can stand firm in the fact that your ride will stand the test of time by setting smart goals. These particular goals are called ‘smart’ because they encompass five characteristics that not only spell the word, (the first letter of all characteristics combined spells the word smart,) but also cover five major pitfalls to success. The characteristics are: simple, attainable, measurable, realistic, and timely.

Mindset is something that I explore pretty regularly with my clients. Many of the major battles we face mentally are caused by our own mental distortions. For example, how do you plan to reach that goal of yours if you keep sabotaging your efforts because you are afraid of failing? Figure out what it is that makes you afraid to fail and set a smart goal around it.

Your comfort zone will kill the quality of your existence. Push yourself past your comfort zone to make your goals a reality.


Corletha Norman

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