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Are Your Ships Sinking?

When did relationship begin to only refer to romantic relationships? I can’t tell you how many times I have sat between two individuals and mentioned working on improving their relationship, just to have them give me a look of repulsion. Not to mention the attempt to explain away the connection between the two.

In most contexts, when I say relationship I mean all of our different relationships. We have relationships with our jobs, school, college, ourselves. We need to seek to have reciprocity in all of our relationships. Reciprocity is the balance of giving and receiving between two individuals or two entities. All too often there is an imbalance with giving and receiving in relationships.

We think that reciprocity within our career is we work and we get a check. With school, we go do school work and get a degree. We need to maintain discipline to be sure that we get all that we need and deserve with minimal damage. Too often I he’s of people settling for connections and experiences that lack the true essence of what it is that they’re truly seeking. How can you use a degree if you’re mentally broke down from earning it? You can’t spend your money from your check if you can’t physically function.

The individual doing the giving that lacks with what they’re receiving tends to realize that their cup to receive is low eventually. Why can’t your work pay you and be purpose fulfilling at the same time? With school, why can’t you learn your course of study and also be supported in learning yourself or your vision as well?  If your employer or whoever doesn’t speak to the value in you, it’s time to move on.


Corletha Norman

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